Vivid IT is an organization dedicated to making customer’s life easier, comfortable and better using technology as a tool “to make things happen”. We believe that technology is the greatest enabler, and that’s what we do with the technology – enable people, enable practices and enable process automation.

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When we say “IT” it consists of various wings, that include software, hardware, computing, communication network, multimedia, mobility, automation, augmented reality, virtual reality, video streaming, voice network, television network, security, surveillance, access control, biometry and so on. And in our attempt to provide solution, we wanted to envisage the complete IT domain – thus we called our venture “vivid”. The word “vivid” is derived from a Hindi word “विविध” which mean diverse, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, manifold, or multifarious. The “Vivid” in English is brilliant, stunning, flamboyant and glowing. Our ideology is to capture both the essence of “Vivid” and “विविध” delivering and crafting our solutions. Delivering diverse & flamboyant solutions in the complete IT domain.

We believe in the core essence of Information Technology, of sharing information on the latest happening in the tech world and solving every day problem with Technology. Technology is a tools to solve problems and doesn’t have any limitation. If there’s a technology which solves a problem partially or creates new hurdles – it’s not for you. You need to change it. Technology doesn’t restrict you, it enables you to do more, and that’s what we deliver in our solutions.


VIVID IT is a brand independent, resolution oriented, tailor made & turnkey solution provider, working in the complete domain of Information Technology, starting from softwares to hardware, computing to communication networks, multimedia to mobility, automation to augmented reality, virtual reality to video streaming, voice networks to television network to security to surveillance, access control to biometry and so on. Our approach towards the customer’s pain are is “विविध” and our resolution to the problems are “Vivid”.


We believe in sharing the knowledge with our customers, by consulting them and understanding their pain area, so that we could resolve the problem to the extent that it never reoccurs. That’s why Information Technology. Sharing the knowledge is wonderfully summarized in the following Sanskrit Shloka;

ॐ पूणर्मदः पूणर्िमदं पूणार्पुणर्मुदयते, पूणर्य पूणर्मादाय पूणर्मेवाविशयते ॥

Which means, even if you take out complete from complete, what is left, is still complete. The Shloka is basically mentioning God, but we believe that “knowledge” is God. And the same stands true for “knowledge” as well. We listen to the customer’s problem as a “consultant”, we educate the customer as an “advisor”, we train the customer as a “trainer” and we resolve the issue as a “professional”.


Established in January, 2010, VIVID IT SOLUTIONS was a brain child of a young entrepreneur Ravi Jain, a Delhi University alumni, who had acquired rich experience in the IT industry since 1995. After a rich experience of the IT industry from box moving in PC, server, laptops, peripherals to communication network technologies like switching, routing, wireless, ATM, SDH, STM, voice, video & data like applications etc., in a span of 15 years, Ravi was a deadly combination of youth energy and vast knowledge. It was the time, when Ravi realized the lacunas of the Indian IT industry that each one was working on a key domain of expertise, and no one was providing a wholesome comprehensive suite which effects consumer’s lives and ensure customer delight. This was the time when Ravi decided to be the game changer. It was a tough path to walk on, like a tight rope walk, but it was possible.

Ravi Jain – our MD, is a young, energetic, yet experienced and dynamic professional, who has an experience of most of the IT domains. Although he belongs to a business family, but he is the 1st generation entrepreneur in IT from his family. The family background provides him with an exemplary business acumen and a strong business backbone.

Being a part of the industry for over two decades, our MD had a vision of providing the most comprehensive solutions which should solve the problems areas of the customers and yet remain simple to handle and easy to manage. With this intent in mind and a clear vision of the roadmap on which VIVID IT had to drive in future, right from the inception, VIVID IT team was built with professionals. Be it a server / storage / network / software / passive / active / or any other industry certification, you name it, we have it. Today we have over 50 trained and certified engineers in various domain from multiple technology principle companies, which makes us a platform independent solution provider.